Motorcycling - Ladakh

Riding through Ladakh and Spiti on a Royal Enfield

I had the privilege of joining some other motorcycling enthusiasts on Royal Enfields biggest motorcycling adventure - the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2017. Watch this video to see how things went down as we rode across the treacherous terrain of Ladakh and Spiti Valley.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Royal Enfield Break Down

The journey back to Chennai was supposed to be quick and straight-forward. But a series of mechanical failures led to an adventure of a different kind as I tried to complete the last 3000-odd kilometres to return home.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Not Ready to Leave Yet | The best of 3 States

Wanting to make the most of my last few days in the North-East, I blasted my way across Assam, Arunachal and Meghalaya to catch glimpses of a few more places that were on my North-East bucket-list. Catch those views in this video.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

The Treacherous Roads of Nagaland

Sometimes things aren't within your control. The weather and the motorcycle are the decision makers. Plans kept changing but it made for a great story to share as well.

Trekking - Nagaland

One of the Most Beautiful Valleys in India

Once in Kohima, Nagaland, we ditched the bikes and set off on foot to go catch a view of the famous Dzukou Valley. The trek wasn't easy, but the experience was worth every bit of effort. It helped that I had some great company too.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Travelling Through Time and States

Majuli is said to be the largest river island in the world. A few days there and I felt like I had journeyed back in time. The cultural richness of this community has to be seen to be believed.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

From the Mountains to and Island on the River Brahmaputra

One day in a peaceful town in the Himalayas. The next in a bustling town in the plains. Followed by a ride through one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries (complete with a little motorcycle safari of sorts). And then a ferry ride across one of the widest rivers in the world to one of the largest river islands in the world.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

You Must See Tawang | Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is a little town nestled deep within the Himalayas in Western Arunachal Pradesh. It's home to one of the largest monasteries and some of the most gentle and kind people. In this video, I've documented my experiences from the time that I spent there.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Riding Solo across Sela Pass | Adventure Mode On

Sela Pass is amongst the most challenging routes to travel by road in India. Hidden away in the Himalayas, this pass is famous for slushy roads, landslides, snowfall and other things that are an essential component of any motorcycling adventure. I did this solo on a Royal Enfield. Here's the story of how it went!

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Towards the Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh

I got my permits in Guwahati and then made my way towards Arunachal Pradesh. Lots of camping, a fair bit of motorcycling and some interesting experiences encountered in the first stage of this journey.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Scotland of the East | Meghalaya

From Sikkim, I went to Meghalaya. A land known for bountiful rain, rolling hills, jaw-dropping views, unreal waterfalls and a whole lot of adventure. All captured and shared in this short video.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

More of Sikkim | But Less Lucky This Time

The weather was not being co-operative but I nevertheless tried to see some more spots in Sikkim. Unfortunately, this time, the foul weather triumphed and my efforts went without reward. You win some and you lose some.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Exploring Sikkim | Great Views and Lovely Routes

Two attempts at Gurudongmar meant that I was low on fuel. So, I headed back South within Sikkim and opted to go explore some other places instead. Ringhim, Ravangla, Tashiding and Yuksom were each spectacular in their own way.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

An Alpine Lake That Will Blow Your Mind | Gurudongmar

I always knew that the ascent to Gurudungmar Lake (17,1000 ft) was never going to be easy. But it turned out to exceed my wildest expectations. I'm just glad that I eventually got to see the lake. You've got to see it too, so, watch this video.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Riding into Sikkim | In Search of Adventure

Because I extended my stay in Kalimpong, I decided to head straight towards Gangtok, in Sikkim. I found a lovely shortcut and then eventually found myself in the real mountains - it was time to re-introduce myself to the Himalayas

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Met some Beautiful People in a Beautiful Place

The people you meet as you travel truly define the travel experience. In Kalimpong, I was welcomed and hosted by a family that never knew me before but treated me as if I was one of their own. Humanity still exists.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

Old World Kolkata and a ride across West Bengal

Spent a few days in Barrackpore and Kolkata. Both places known to wear their historic importance with pride. I then made a dash towards the hills in North Bengal. A not so pleasant ride that took me to a beautiful place.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

The Solo Ride Continues | Onward to Kolkata

I ran into a whole lot of trouble with the Royal Enfield motorcycle in Visakhapatnam. I was delayed by several days, but met some lovely folks whilst I was there. And then it was time to continue the ride to Kolkata.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

The #Tourof2017 Begins | Chennai to Visakhapatnam

The beginning of the motorcycle adventure for 2017. The only plan I had was to explore the Eastern Coast of India as I made my way towards the North-East. The route, the places and itinerary would need to be figured out on the go.

Backpacking - Train

A Few Days in a Holy City | Varanasi

In November 2016, I spent a few days exploring the streets and sights of Varanasi - a city known for its religious importance, quirky people, colourful and cramped layout and fascinating experiences.

Motorcycling - Solo Roadtrip

The Long Way Home | A Solo Ride from Delhi to Chennai

I wanted the return ride from North to South India to be a journey in itself. This video documents how I made that happen.

Motorcycling - Roadtrip

Across India on a Bike | From Chennai to Ladakh on a Royal Enfield

My first ambitious road trip from the sunny Southern state of Tamil Nadu deep in to the Himalayas in Ladakh. Glimpses of some epic and adventurous routes.