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15 thoughts on “Travel Permits in Sikkim – How it Works

  1. This is quite informational and accurate. Thank you for sharing this I’m a thorough follower of your blog and YouTube page.. Actually your blog / videos are thoroughly honest with no nonsense whatsoever and I quite like it. I’m planning Sikkim early next year. Please let me know if I can also write in to you in case I have any doubts before my visit. Hoping to rub shoulders with you during one of my upcoming rides.. 🙂

  2. Hi Dhiraj,

    Very nicely explained..

    I and my friend are planning to visit Sikkim on bike in the last week on Sept.

    Do you have any agent contact who can do our bike permits for North and East Sikkim? I don’t want to waste a day for getting permits.

    Thanks ,


  3. Hi Rohith,
    great blog, this helps a lot for the first timers.
    i have got the below queries-
    1. i plan to visit north and east sikkim for a period of 6-7 days. So i can get the permits with a single application on the same day right?
    2. you mentioned that it requires 2 days to get the entire permissions (step 1 and 2 for motorcyclist). Can’t this be somehow managed in the same day. Does the MG marg office require any documents from Home department at Mana Bhavan that stops us from doing this in the same day.
    3. Once i’m done with Lachen and Lachung, is there a way i can directly cross to Nathula and Zulut skipping Gangtok on the way. Google maps shows there is no way. Just wanted to confirm.

    1. Hi Kevin

      You can get the permits from the Home department with one single application, but at the tourist police office you will have to undertake the process twice to get the final sign-off. The reason it takes a day at least is because you apply to the Home Department one morning and then get the permit in the evening, but can only get the second level approval from the police the next morning. If you use a travel agent, you might be able to minimis time. About the route. You need to come near Gangtok to head to the East. There is no alternative.

  4. You can contact Mr Tenzing at 8001241715. He is a resident of Gangtok and got me a permit delivered in Siliguri 7 days before my journey to Silk route. Didn’t have to visit and waste a day in Gangtok, started directly from Rongli. I sent him all my documents on WhatsApp.

  5. HI Rohith,

    Very well drafted and well explained blog. Do you, by any chance, have any idea about taking self-drive car rentals to Sikkim and their permits; e.g. taking a Zoomcar from Siliguri to Gangtok and then further up to Lachen, Lachung, Gurudongmer and NathuLa.
    Do they even give permits to self drive car rentals or are self drive cars not even allowed?


    1. Hi Samir

      I didn’t specifically check about permits for 4 wheelers but from my limited knowledge the restrictions are a lot more strict with respect to cars. If i’m not mistaken there are parts to which private cars (basically anything other than a local tourist taxi) are not allowed altogether. So no matter how you get there, you will have to use a local taxi for those parts.

  6. Hi Rohit,

    Thank you for sharing and all the details
    Im palnning to hire rental bike from Siliguri and make my way to Gantok and visit North And East in 7 day
    Will i be able to get permit for rental two wheelers to go to North and east Sikkim?

    1. You will need some additional documentation including the affidavit. Whoever you rent it from, you should ask them to help you get the permits

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