The #Tourof2017 – About My Ongoing Travel Adventure

It struck me recently that I never ended up getting into any details about what the #tourof2017 (my current travel adventure) really is. This blogpost is my attempt to fix that. Please read on to know what I’m up to and how I ended up doing this. Through this blogpost,

Hello everyone,

I should have thought about this before, but it only recently dawned on me that a lot of you don’t exactly know what this #tourof2017 (which is how I refer to the motorcycling adventure the I’m currently on) really is. You’ve been watching the videos and seeing my updates on Social Media, but aren’t entirely sure what I’ve been up to or how I ended up doing what I do. I should have gone into this in detail before I started the tour, but I guess it’s better late than never.

So, I thought I’d write this blogpost to give you all some background and let you know exactly what I’ve been up to this year.


I quit my job as a corporate lawyer in Mumbai towards the end of 2015 and then rode my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 over 3600 km as I made my way back home to Chennai after 10 long years. That was the first time that I had ever done a real motorcycle tour and it was such an incredible experience that I immediately knew that I wanted to travel to a lot more places with my trusty machine in tow (or the other way around).

It took me a few months to accustom myself with the realities of my new life-situation – no daily job to go to, no monthly salary, no clear idea on what I was going to do next and the related anxieties. But, after some grappling, in May 2016, I finally found the courage (and the necessary amount of stupidity) to set off on a mammoth expedition. Over a period of 3 months, I travelled from Chennai all the way up into the mountains in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. I fulfilled a long-standing dream to ride my own bike through the treacherous terrain and gorgeous landscapes of Ladakh and then subsequently spent over a month exploring the Western coastline of India as I made my way back home to Chennai. You can watch the videos from that adventure on my YouTube channel by clicking here.


The ride that I did in 2016 changed my life in many ways. It led me to discover new interests in the things that I do while I travel and also made me finally dabble with sharing the stories of my experiences along the way. This blog was born first, and then I went on to start creating and sharing video content on YouTube (through my channel “Toll Free Traveller“). These were things that I had never imagined I would do, but somehow, one thing led to the other and social media was suddenly an integral part of my life and my travels.


Since I had travelled through several parts of North and West India in 2016, this year, I decided to set off to explore Eastern India. My plan was simple – I would ride towards West Bengal taking a route along the Eastern Coast of India and then go and explore as many of the North-Eastern states as I could while money and weather permitted.

I had no clue how long I would travel for, nor did I have any specific destinations in mind. The only plan was to not really plan at all. Since I travel solo (almost all the time), this is something that I can comfortably do.

As some of you may know, I’ve been on the road for over 3 months now and have been to several parts of India that I haven’t ever been to before. It’s not several short rides to places, but one massive and continuous journey.

It’s been 3 months now and I’ve seldom slept in the same bed for more than 2 nights. The motorcycle has been my only constant companion. We’ve been to places we never knew the names of and overcome adventures that we could have never imagined. The ride has been overwhelming, and there is still a fair bit to go before we return home to Chennai.

The Vlogs:

In an attempt to share my travel experiences in more detail, I’ve been making vlogs while on the road this year. 7 vlogs are up so far and there are several (and I mean SEVERAL) more to come. You can watch these vlogs on my YouTube Channel linked here: Toll Free Traveller

#Tourof2017 Updates:

Since making vlogs is a time-consuming process, the videos are far behind in terms of events. If you would like to know more about where I currently am and what I’m up to, please follow me on Instagram (@tollfreetraveller), Facebook (Toll Free Traveller) and Twitter (TollFreeTravel).

I hope you continue (or start and then continue) to follow and support my adventures. Apart from all the riding and exploring, the journey of sharing all these experiences with all of you has been thrilling for me.

Thanks for reading and for all the love and support.


30 thoughts on “The #Tourof2017 – About My Ongoing Travel Adventure

  1. U r awesome man,u r truely an inspiration for me,plz do visit my home in hyderabad(if u pass by),i would be so happy and honoured to host u.


  2. You are living up the dreams and inspire others to do so. really great. expecting more such interesting blogs sooner. Ride safer.

  3. First of all thanks for your great videos. Those are really inspiring. Can you make one video or a blog post about how you are managing your travel expenditure at the time of traveling & doing all those adventurous things? Also, one suggestion – make the text color of the blog bit darker so that it’ll be easy to read.

    1. Thanks, Suresh. Intend to cover that at some point after I’m done with this trip. Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Bro, I’ve watched all your videos it’s an awesome experience that you film and share for us viewers! The way you share and narrate the videos are amazing.. Can’t wait for your next video!

  5. I need some info bro for my upcoming destinations. I m passionate about biking. when ever i have money and time, i used to go for a long ride.
    I just want to know, how to take all india permit for a bike or we need to take permit for each state. Could please help me on that.

    1. Permits are usually only required for certain areas – for example wildlife reserves/ borders shared with other countries/ military areas etc. Otherwise genelrally you don’t need a specific all-india permit for a privately owned motorcycle.

  6. Did you stop writing about your travel to Himalayas midway or did i miss few parts and as always great stuff, keep riding

  7. Hey! I really love your travel and i love to do the same and am trying to whenever i can! One thing that troubles me is funds! How do you get funds for your travel? Or for your gear too, even though its a one time investment. Really wanting to know or tips to raise funds for travel if any. Thanks

  8. Chanced on your blog. Fantastic stuff. Keep riding, writing and allowing some of us to see the incredible wonders of this world vicariously through you.

  9. Brother been following your travel expeditions since the poignant ladakh vlog some months ago. I want to ask you two questions

    1. What spurred you to take the big leap to travel from the humdrum professional life or who is your source of inspiration ?

    2. What riding boots do you use?

    1. Hi Praveen. The first thing, I guess it was just a desire to do something differnet that made me happy and brought me satisfaction. About the boots, I currently use the Falco Liberty boots.

  10. You are a big inspiration to me.. because I don’t had the courage to do the adventure riding in bike. As i am married and a father. but now.. i am looking lot of people living their dreams … I follow many adventure riders across the world in Instagram….

    Thanks for being such a big inspiration….

    Keep it rocking…

    Hurray. Toll free traveller

  11. Hi, I am planning a ride from bangalore to sikkim(mainly gurudongmar and old silk route). I am starting on May 25th, so probably I ll be there in sikkim by June 1st. Is this ideal time to visit gurudongmar and old silk route? Please help bro

  12. Perfect landing here after watching lots of vlog ND documenatries. First of all, big thanks for your BEAUTIFUL memorabilia. Am juzt admiring the way you follow your dreams being an exemplary inspiration for millennials with applaudable courage ND deep love in pursuing your passion. “# SIMPLY AWESOME”.
    Stay blessed , Explore, Enjoy, Live your moments!!
    Drive safe.. #Looking forward for your fascinating expeditions!!

    One request, you can add some more information and uniqueness about the important places you visit.

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