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26 thoughts on “The #Tourof2017 – About My Ongoing Travel Adventure

  1. U r awesome man,u r truely an inspiration for me,plz do visit my home in hyderabad(if u pass by),i would be so happy and honoured to host u.


  2. You are living up the dreams and inspire others to do so. really great. expecting more such interesting blogs sooner. Ride safer.

  3. First of all thanks for your great videos. Those are really inspiring. Can you make one video or a blog post about how you are managing your travel expenditure at the time of traveling & doing all those adventurous things? Also, one suggestion – make the text color of the blog bit darker so that it’ll be easy to read.

    1. Thanks, Suresh. Intend to cover that at some point after I’m done with this trip. Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Bro, I’ve watched all your videos it’s an awesome experience that you film and share for us viewers! The way you share and narrate the videos are amazing.. Can’t wait for your next video!

  5. I need some info bro for my upcoming destinations. I m passionate about biking. when ever i have money and time, i used to go for a long ride.
    I just want to know, how to take all india permit for a bike or we need to take permit for each state. Could please help me on that.

    1. Permits are usually only required for certain areas – for example wildlife reserves/ borders shared with other countries/ military areas etc. Otherwise genelrally you don’t need a specific all-india permit for a privately owned motorcycle.

  6. Did you stop writing about your travel to Himalayas midway or did i miss few parts and as always great stuff, keep riding

  7. Hey! I really love your travel and i love to do the same and am trying to whenever i can! One thing that troubles me is funds! How do you get funds for your travel? Or for your gear too, even though its a one time investment. Really wanting to know or tips to raise funds for travel if any. Thanks

  8. Chanced on your blog. Fantastic stuff. Keep riding, writing and allowing some of us to see the incredible wonders of this world vicariously through you.

  9. Brother been following your travel expeditions since the poignant ladakh vlog some months ago. I want to ask you two questions

    1. What spurred you to take the big leap to travel from the humdrum professional life or who is your source of inspiration ?

    2. What riding boots do you use?

    1. Hi Praveen. The first thing, I guess it was just a desire to do something differnet that made me happy and brought me satisfaction. About the boots, I currently use the Falco Liberty boots.

  10. You are a big inspiration to me.. because I don’t had the courage to do the adventure riding in bike. As i am married and a father. but now.. i am looking lot of people living their dreams … I follow many adventure riders across the world in Instagram….

    Thanks for being such a big inspiration….

    Keep it rocking…

    Hurray. Toll free traveller

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