Some Drama in Kohima | Nagaland

Plans kept changing while I was in Kohima. An eventful few days captured in this Vlog.

My plans change often. But this time was a bit different.

I stayed in Kohima for two days, using the time to explore the town, walk through fascinating markets and taste some interesting Naga cuisine. I then loaded up the bike and set off for Imphal (Manipur). But, the bike had other plans.

I only made it to the petrol pump in Kohima before she stopped working and extended my stay. Turns out it was a good thing because later that day there was a cyclone warning issued.

2 more days holed up in Kohima, thankfully, with great company and good food. With the weather forecast looking bleak and the bike only limping along, I had to take the call to not ride further and head back into Assam instead.

The end of the North-East adventure now seemed nearer than ever before. Watch the whole video using this link below:

4 thoughts on “Some Drama in Kohima | Nagaland

  1. Hello sir. My question is what kind of permission we required to ride bike in Nagaland and monipur & from where to get those permit?

    1. If I’m not mistaken there’s a permit for Nagaland, but as I mentioned, Nagaland was not too strict when I went. Also, last I checked there was no permit requirement for Manipur.

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