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65 thoughts on “Packing for a Long Ride – My Checklist

  1. I think you should carry a couple of glow sticks also. Anyway great blog, have a great journey. My best wishes are with you.

  2. Hi Bro, I’m a budding tourer and your packing list is very useful for me to do the long distance rides. Great, thanks. Subscribed to your YouTube channel and social medias. My best wishes for your North-East India ride and expecting the great snaps and cool videos from there! 🙂

  3. Hello ,.. excellent video about packing and blog too , very useful information , each and every point is very clear , thank u so much..

  4. You are one of the best biker in India. Awesome videos man and great blogs too. Subscribed to your channel. All the best brother.
    P.S- I live in Chennai too.

  5. Solo Travelling from Chennai to Ladakh on a bike is not a simple thing to do. It takes exceptional guts, courage, confidence and hope. I salute you and I am proud of you, Sir!

    I have similar interests and after knowing about your achievement, I am highly motivated now. May God bless you and All the very best for your future explorations, Brother!!

    Looking forward to see your upcoming adventures…

    1. That’s a wonderful comment, Mohammed Nayeem. Thanks a lot. I wish you the very best for your travels.

    1. Hey, if you find camp sites, that’s easy. Otherwise you tend to need to ask and find people who will permit you to camp. SOme people just camp anywhere, but i’m not sure how safe that is.

  6. Great blog bro..crisp and clear n expecting the same kinda videos during your journey too..Happy journey and safe ride..

    1. Hey, I’ve left links to most things so that you can also see what it might cost. I’ve bought the stuff that I use over several years, so I don’t really have an aggregate value readily available.

  7. Hey i like ur vedios, i also do traveling not mandatory with bikes, i do with different means. I like how u blog about that do u help me to start a blog how u started it nd how do i. I will be really greatfull if u hleped me out in this.

    1. Thank you, Rishabh. I started this blog by just getting down to writing and putting content up without really thinking about anything else. I doubt that is very useful information, but the point is that if there is something you want to do, there is no better way to get to it than by just starting to do it anyway.

  8. Hi bro, I have seen u r videos in YouTube channel and they r simply awesome. As I’m a travelling lover I’m planning a trip to ladakh from Visakhapatnam on my RE Thunderbird 350. I want you to suggest me some tips like the best routes and other careful precautions to be taken in ladakh. Thanks in advance. Happy travelling 😃

    1. Hi Sasank, that will be a pretty amazing ride. Do read my blogpost about things to know before you ride to Ladakh, a lot of information there will be useful for you. I also have motorcycle prep videos and blogposts up that might be good for you to go through. About route, I assume that the fastest and best would be to go up through central India. Nagpur and upwards there are some nice roads through Madhya Pradesh, though the parts close to Agra aren’t very great.

  9. Hello! On a serious note… I don’t have any bike nd m a college student which is a good bike for adventurous trip . Nd while going to trips how do u arrange for funds… Is it from your pocket or do u go for sponsorship!

    1. Hey, any bike works really, but some are more suitable depending on the terrain and places that you plan to ride to. I wrked for several years to save up money to do this.

  10. Brother a great Blog and great videos your have shot, have subscribed to your Youtube channel. Well am too a budding tourer; have visited all over India but this time I want to be on RE. All the very best for your future rides. You do inspire alot for bike rides. Cheers.
    Sandeep, Pune

    1. That’s wonderful to hear. Thanks for subscribing, Sandeep. All the best for your travels. Ride safe.

  11. Awesome bro… Keep going.. And pls do post your videos and experience… Thats makes and inspires new riders like me…

  12. You are truely Traveler bro…
    Good to see this is happening in India and people loving it.
    What is the size of saddle bag you prefer to use for long rides? 50 ltrs or 70 ltrs?
    Also let me know tank bag preference.

    1. Thanks, Suraj. I currently use the Dirstsack Longranger Pro saddlebags. I also use the Cramster tankbag. But I want to upgrade both to better options. Whenever I have the money.

  13. WOW! very use fill and essential, Planning a one week trip and for the first time, this blog was very informative, by the way I´m your youtube channel subscriber too. Thank you for the information….

  14. Hello Sir, You do and also doing a wanderful job. I regularly view your blog and videos. I like Adventure travel and use to do weekend travel within 300-400 km. from my home. I am from Kolkata. I have only bajaj Discover 100M bike. Due to lack of fund I am unable to upgrade my motorcycle. I am planning for ladakh trip. Is it possible to go Ladakh with 100 cc Discover ? What is your openion ? Please reply. I am wating for your reply.

    1. Hey, I appreciate your spirit. I’ve never been there on a 100cc motorcycle, but Ive seen people going there on splendors and navis. It will be more difficult no doubt. At the end of the day, it depends on how you ride the machine and what the machine is able to take.

  15. Thanks. Do u have any plan for ride through kolkata? If u have such plan, please inform me. I am waiting to meet you once. I am really like your blog, videos and article of content. I will drop a mail to your mail ID. please reply. Please update once u reached kolkata.



  16. Hi bro by seeing ur videos I am motivated alot and planning a road trip on my new renegade commando with my wife , I am planning from Hyderabad to kanyakumari via Bangalore Mysore wayanad allepey . So please do suggest me how to plan and what shld I manage . And more over as u said u have worked serval years and saved money for this the same way I too saved for this by working , and I am currently working in Saudi Arabia and saving more to fulfil this dream

    1. That’s great Rathish. I’m sure that will be a memorable ride. Do keep watching my YouTube channel and reading this blog – I will share travel experiences and things that I have learnt over time.

  17. Phaah…..hope travelling made you more patient cos you wrote such a big list of items wit patience…. Any traveller will speak about you to his friends when they read your blogs (like i do)… Keep the good work man..

    1. I use the MT Blade Raceline (reviewed on my YouTUbe Channel) and currently an Aspida Odysseus Air Mesh riding jacket

  18. Hi Sir. I Watched all the vedio of yours . I have some queries about the Action camera .due to low budget of myself which action camera you prefer for the motovlog. In future you travel with another bikers? In vedio i saw you a solo ride only thats why ask you sir . But sir keep going you inspire those who watching your vedio.Your YouTube channel also a Good Name ( TOLL FREE TRAVELLER) or i can say a unique name to win our heart. But sir you are a LEGEND .

    1. Thank you, Shubham. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any experience using any of the other camera brands, I’ve been a GoPro man so far and they have served me well.

  19. Wanderer – how do you use the cycle air pump ? to fix tyre punctures.. is it possible to fill air upto 20+ PSI using cycle air pump?

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