Bought A Cheap Bubble Visor in India

I bought an affordable bubble visor in India. Here are the details and links.

Open-face helmets are timeless, there’s no two ways about that. They look cool (and retro), are light and easy to carry around and very easy to use as well. One of the shortfalls, of course, is the fact that they seldom come with a visor of any sorts, which means that your face bears the full brunt of the wind as well as any stones, insects or other things that may come flying at you.

I’ve wanted a bubble visor for a long time, but since the ones made by Biltwell were prohibitively expensive in India, I’d stayed away from putting the money down for one. A few weeks ago, I found a generic (more affordable) option online in India and hence the purchase was finally made.



Bubble Visor on its own

I got the bubble visor a day ago and I have to say that it looks pretty fantastic. It’s an odd-looking contraption from certain angles, no doubt, but I dig the overall look of my helmet with the visor on. There’s something eccentric, yet appealing, about it.

Bubble Visor with Helmet

If you’re looking to pick up something similar, there are a few things that you should know/be aware of:

1) Since open face helmets do not offer the same level of protection as proper full-faced ones, THIS IS NOT MY PRIMARY HELMET. I only use this for casual rides in the vicinity of where I live. So, if you’re looking for something that offers you a high-level of safety, do not buy this. This, according to me, is at best, a side indulgence.

2) There is NO GUARANTEE with respect to the quality or durability of generic/low-cost products like this one. If you want high-quality versions of this style of helmet and bubble visor, you should consider opting for the Biltwell brand (from USA). But, obviously those helmets and visors are very expensive compared to the generic versions available.

3) The visor comes with an additional accessory, which if connected allows for lifting and dropping off the visor (opening and closing?). However, I find that adding that makes the helmet and visor look a bit odd and disjointed. So, I’ve fitted mine without that moving part, which means that the only way to lift the visor is by removing the helmet itself. I don;t find that to be much of a problem because these helmets are easy to wear and remove.

4) There are a few colour option with respect to the bubble visor (clear, rainbow, chrome, etc.) I opted for the CHROME version because I like that it’s reflective. However, you may choose something different based on your preferences.


1. Open-Face Helmet – Click Here (this is the same shape as mine but different colour)

2. Bubble Visor (Generic) – Click Here (I have the chrome finished version)

3. Bubble Visor (Biltwell) – Click Here

Hope you find this useful. Keep reading, keep sharing and ride safely!

4 thoughts on “Bought A Cheap Bubble Visor in India

  1. Hii…This looks too good. Am a Cafe Racer fan.. So have been Looking for this sort of Helmet from a long time . I dont go for Long rides..Also I have a full face helmet for that incase I did.

    But Do you feels its Fine for City Purposes?
    And Is it Scratch Resistant in any sort? Because Visor goes Wasted once there are Tiny Scratches all over it.

    And Is the Mercury Visor.. Safe for Night Vision?
    Or one needs a Clear one for it.

    How much Life should I expect with this quality..?

    Thanks …Doing Great 👍

    1. These are more gimicky and look cool. Not likely to have a long life unless treatedd very carefully, which is not possible for something you use everyday. So it really depends on how you use it. Also, the tint is a bit too dark to use at night.

  2. I’ve always wanted these for like a 100 km ride and stuff. But I wonder. I’m sure you can’t pop it up like a normal visor. Or can you.. I couldnt tell from the product page..

    1. You do get an additional fitting bracket that allows movement of the visor, but adding that (in my opinion) makes the setup quite unpleasant looking. I prefer to use it without that system.

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