Toll Free Traveller at Tanglangla Top

Hi, my name is Rohith. I'm a passionate traveller, motorcyclist and adventure-seeker from Chennai, India. Welcome to my blog.

I spent some years being a lawyer in Mumbai (India). Until, one day, I decided to pack my bags and set off to go find out whether my passion for travel and creative pursuits were actually as fabulous as they seemed to be in my head.

I've spent a considerable part of my time since travelling across India on my motorcycle (and other forms of transport). A series of fortunate events have led me to go places that I had long hoped to see, do things that I had only dreamt of doing and discover people and experiences that I could never have imagined.

I now share my travel experiences through this blog, my YouTube Channel  and Instagram.

I hope you enjoy the content and stories! Thanks for being here!


The Motorcycle

My companion in my adventures (and mis-adventures) is a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 that I call 'Faith' (for many sentimental reasons). 

She's a pretty good tourer (for the most part). But, when she's bored of being reliable (to the extent a Royal Enfield motorcycle can do so), she adds a few moments of excitement to every journey. What is more important though, is that a lot of the things that I've done would never have been possible if this one wasn't around.

And yes, I've grown to be irrationally attached to her.